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Critique This is a critique group made up of five aspiring romance authors. On this blog, you’ll read about all things writing. We blog about the ups and downs of the writing process, the ins and outs of querying, the love/hate relationships we have with our current works in progress, and much more.You’ll even get a chance to hear from other writers in the community. Sit back and relax—it’s bound to be an interesting ride.

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Tessa Conte

Hello, my name is Tessa, and I'm a writer. 

I've been writing ever since I figured out how to hold a crayon, although I've since learned that 'writing' illustrated stories on the living room wall is not a good plan if you're trying to impress your parents...I've now graduated to notebooks, loose bits of paper, the backs of shopping receipts and the odd napkin or two. Oh, and I have a laptop, too.

I've recently come to a frightening realization: Writing can be Hard Work. All the technicalities sometimes get to me - plot lines tangle, characters have minds of their own, real life intrudes and things get put on hold. And that's not even thinking about synopsis, query letters and the eternal search for The Agent. I guess you could call consistency in writing my most important Work In Progress, ever. 

I still stick things onto my wall when I'm trying to figure out plot lines, though... thankfully someone invented sticky notes and someone else was kind enough to tell me about them.   

I'm 28 years old right now although I guess that's bound to change at some point. I'm a former student of Jurisprudence in the great Kingdom of England, but I now work in estate management. My job even includes going out into the forest to paint blue spots on trees. I also organize the refurbishment of old houses and manage rental properties. As jobs go, it's great - after all, it leaves me lots of time to write. Mostly. In theory.

What I write is mainly paranormal romance, heavy on the werewolves. I don't think I've met any yet, but you never of these days I might see a pair of eyes glaring at me from behind a thicket. I have some contemporary romance  and suspense/romance plots on the back burner, along with a few half-baked short stories and the odd 'high' fantasy idea, but somehow I always gravitate towards my wolves. 

My main WIP is called "The Russet Moon" (werewolves galore). Secondary glory goes to what was originally a short story idea provisionally titled "Red" that just wouldn't leave me alone until it graduated to a proper WIP. There's many, many other stories running around in my head, clamoring to be heard. Maybe I'll give in to another one at some point. I'll let you know. 

Other than here, you can also find me on my personal blog Tessa's Blurb. I post blogfest entries, character interviews and little snippets of what I do on my blog, so feel free to check me out and say hi. If you like to tweet, you can also find me on Twitter